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road and bridge management software solution

Road and Bridge Departments

Road Management

Can PubWorks help us manage our roads?

Yes, PubWorks can help your organization manage all roads and road assets.  Whether it's pot-holes and repairs,pavement condition assessment, or maintaining an inventory of all road-related assets (such as signs, guardrails, drainage structures, etc.) PubWorks is your solution for roadway asset management.

Our integrated modules allow you to easily record work records that serve as a detailed maintenance history and also record the demand maintenance requests that all departments contend with, using our PubWorks Service Request module.

Need help with PM Schedules for your roads and road-related assets?  Great, the PubWorks Work Order module will help you transform your operation from reactive to proactive.  Use PubWorks to establish maintenance plans and schedules that automatically create works orders helping you stay ahead of the curve.

A database of assets is essential but to see these assets on a GIS map, with a single mouse-click, this defines the modern maintenance management system.  The PubWorks GIS MapViewer makes this possible.

Our integrated approach will help streamline the way you run your department. PubWorks is Easy, Fast, and Powerful.

Does PubWorks sound like software for your operation?   Click here for a free demo.

Working With PubWorks

You receive a call from a citizen reporting a large pothole in the middle of an important roadway.  Using PubWorks Service Requests you record the nature of the problem and the caller information and then assign a crew to fix it.  The crew reports back with what it took to fix the pothole in terms of labor, equipment and materials.

This information will be used to automatically create a caller and work history on that section of road.

All of this is recorded and completed with just a few mouse-clicks.  PubWorks is designed so that data entry is fast and accurate, averaging about one minute per employee per day.

Bridge Management

How can PubWorks help me manage my bridges?

PubWorks can inventory your bridges (and any other fixed asset) and help you organize and track them with greater detail and efficiency.

How old is that bridge?
How much did it cost to maintain last year?
What’s the work history on it in the past 5 years?

How long would it take you to answer these questions right now?  Is the answer “a few seconds?”  With PubWorks you can answer all the above questions within just a few mouse-clicks in a “few seconds.”

The PubWorks suite of Service Requests, Work Orders and Asset Management CORE will help your bridge department operate on a higher level.  With PubWorks you also receive comprehensive reporting, labor tracking and job costing.  All these features will help to bring best management practices to your operation.

Let us show you how PubWorks can work for you. Click here to see a free demo.