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signs and signal management

Sign and Signal Departments

Sign Management

We have a large amount of signs, can PubWorks help us with a sign inventory?

Yes, PubWorks is an excellent tool to use for any city or county that needs to improve the sign inventory management.  PubWorks will also help by providing compliance with retro-reflectivity standards.

Sign management can be broken down into 4 Easy Steps:

  1. Inventory Signs
  2. Inspect Signs
  3. Order work to be done or record the condition
  4. Run reports on history, future action, or work performed

Using the PubWorks Asset Data Collector, staff can go out into the field with a laptop, choose a route to perform the inventory, collecting sign condition along the way and then return to the office and sync the laptop with the PubWorks database.

For signs that require repair or replacement, a Work Order can be created that will help assign a crew to go and repair or replace the sign.  The crew will record the labor, equipment and materials used in the process.  Using this information you can run comprehensive reports to see exactly how much sign repair and replacement is costing your department.

Click here to join us for a live demo of how PubWorks can help you with your sign management.



Signal Management

Can PubWorks help me manage my traffic signals?

PubWorks can help you manage your traffic signals and assets.  If it’s managing signal assets, work performed and PM schedules that your signals require, then PubWorks will work for your traffic signals.

When a traffic signal stops working, it's a big deal.  Using PubWorks Service Requests, you will easily log the problem and location, assign the crew, and track the labor, equipment and materials used to fix the signal.  With Service Requests you’ll develop work history, be able to quickly run comprehensive reports that track labor costs, equipment costs and material costs.

Do you have a PM schedule in place check the crosswalk function every 6 months?  Using PubWorks Work Orders you can easily set up a plan to have all crosswalk signals to be inspected every 6 months.  If a signal needs repair, assigning a crew to fix the problem is an integral part of the PubWorks program.

All your signal assets are easily found on a GIS integrated map using our MapViewer module.

To see a live demo of how PubWorks can change your signal management operation, click here.