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Streets and Traffic Departments

Street Management

Can PubWorks help me manage all my street assets?

Yes, if you can name it we can manage it. Pavement, signs, curbs, sidewalks, storm sewers, guard railings, etc.   As a streets supervisor you have a lot to manage.  The PubWorks suite of products will help you inventory and manage all your street assets.

Service Requestswill help you when a citizen calls in to report street-related issue.   You’ll be able to record the call, assemble the proper crew to repair it, create a work history record for that asset that includes the cost of labor, equipment and materials and run reports on all the work performed any any asset and any time frame all with a few mouse-clicks.

Work Orders will change your workflow from demand maintenance to planned and scheduled maintenance.  This change in orientation will help improve your organization and eliminate the need to run from one emergency to the next.

MapViewer will allow you to see all your assets on an easy-to-read ESRI map that has a two-way connection to your PubWorks asset data and maintenance histories.

All your assets will be inventoried in our Asset Management Core you’ll be able to run hundreds of reports in just a few mouse-clicks.  The reports will help you when answering to the higher-ups, analyzing operations and citizens who request transparency.

PubWorks is your municipality's solution for road surface and pavement quality assessments.   PubWorks is fully compatible with both PASER and the ATSM D6433 PCI ratings developed for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

To see a live demo of how PubWorks can help your streets department, click here.



Traffic Management

How does PubWorks handle traffic assets?

Traffic assets have an important function in any city or county. When a traffic signal is out, fixing it is a high priority. Once the emergency is over, use PubWorks to document all the details: when the problem was reported, the asset at fault, to whom it was assigned and all the details of the repairs in terms of labor, equipment and materials used.

This detailed maintenance history will help you better understand the reliability and quality of your assets by giving you a window into their past that takes the form of searchable, sortable data that feed reports providing real answers. This will be a great improvement over a dirty manilla folder with hard-to-read hand written notes that resides in a locked filing cabinet of employee who happens to be on vacation.

PubWorks can also be used for preventative maintenance which is critical to keeping traffic signals and traffic control devices operating safely. Using Work Ordersyou’ll be able to combine a task with an asset and choose how often you need the job done. From there you can easily create PM Schedules to keep your operation running proactively instead of reactively.

To see a live demo of how PubWorks can help your traffic department, click here.