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Water / Wastewater Departments

This is Software for Your Water Department

How can PubWorks help us manage our water distribution system?

PubWorks is a great addition to any water distribution system.  Whether it’s helping you track leaks and repairs, or mapping out a PM schedule for exercising valves, PubWorks can help you manage your water distribution assets more efficiently.

By using PubWorks Service Requests you can more efficiently manage your demand maintenance repairs.   When you get a call for a broken pipe, it's a big deal.  You need to fix it fast.  Using Service Requests you'll be able to log the trouble area, assemble a crew, display the problem on a map, and track the materials, equipment and labor used to fix the broken pipe all in record time.

Do you have a PM schedule in place?  Using PubWorks Work Order, you'll be able to create a list of valves to inspect and assign them to a timeline.  As your crews check and inspect the valves they make notes on condition, if an asset needs repair it's simple to assign it to a crew and track the labor, equipment and materials used to fix the asset.  By creating and running PM schedules you'll save your shop money by fixing assets before they become expensive emergencies.

When you use PubWorks the benefits are easy to see.  PubWorks comprehensive reports are easy to generate and just a few mouse-clicks away.  How quickly can you currently calculate how much you spent on leaky pipes in the last 6 months?  Using PubWorks, detailed job costing information for your leaky pipes can be displayed in just a few seconds.

Click here for a free live demo and we'll show you how PubWorks can help your Water Department.



Need Help with your Wastewater Department?

Can PubWorks help me manage my sanitary sewer?

Yes, PubWorks thrives at helping wastewater departments handle sanitary sewer and wastewater infrastructure.   Any asset of the wastewater distribution center can be easily managed with PubWorks.  Sanitary sewer pipes, valves, etc.  If you can name it, PubWorks can manage it!

Using PubWorks in your wastewater department begins with inventorying assets and their attributes.  From there, use PubWorks to record work performed in terms of the assets serviced and the labor, equipment and materials that were used for the service or repair.   You can also use PubWorks to start and manage your PM schedule for televising, inspecting, jet-rodding and cleaning your wastewater assets.

All assets can easily be mapped and seen on a GIS integrated map.

With all your information stored within PubWorks you’ll love the robust reports the system will create for you with a few mouse-clicks.  Many of these reports will show you job costing information, so you can confidently see where you’ve spent your money.

We’d love to show you how PubWorks can help your water and wastewater operation flow smoothly, click here to see a live demo.