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Secure, real time, two-way GIS-integration is what it’s all about.  The built-in GIS functions of the MapViewer allow you to instantly map any and all appropriate data held in PubWorks.  Whether mapping simple inventory or detailed cost analysis, the yield is valuable information.  For example, the tracking and mapping of service requests allows for trend spotting both on the near and long term.

PubWorks work order software

Product Line-up


  • Create Asset and Equipment Inventories
  • Map Service Requests to pinpoint trouble spots and trends.
  • Map Work Orders to monitor progress and improve efficiency.
  • Map Job Costs to visualize where the work is getting done.
  • Map equipment and materials to see where your resources are being used.
  • Map Assets to take control of what you have and what it is worth.
  • Resolve issues of jurisdiction.


MapViewer Links to ESRI Data

With MapViewer you'll have data security and integrity, the MapViewer links to any ESRI data storage structure without altering the GIS data.  The MapViewer has the breadth to be both easy for the novice and useful to the expert. GIS doesn’t get any easier!

MapViewer FAQs

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