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GPS Asset Data Collector

Efficient public works management begins with inventory. With our Drive-the-Road Interface, you can inventory and inspect fixed assets from the safety and comfort of your vehicle. PubWorks customers are collecting assets and asset condition status more quickly, accurately and cost effectively with this technology.


  • Connect to your vehicle-installed DMI and/or mobile GPS antenna
  • Inventory any asset that exists on your road or street network
  • Perform inspections and assessments of signs, streets, culverts, and all other assets
  • Synchronize and create PubWorks data with a single click
  • Go out with questions, return with answers
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Retro-Reflectivity Standards

The retro-reflectivity standards require only that a system for evaluation and/or replacement of sign inventory is established.  Using the GPS Asset Data Collector along with Work Orders to inventory and manage assets provides automatic compliance, making a special sign program redundant.  Why not use one complete system to diligently collect and track all assets, signs included?
 assets custom attributes and position  historical data on inspections  
mutcd symbols are integral to pubworks pubworks database is updated with field collected data  

Asset Data Collector FAQs

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