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Asset Data Collector FAQ's

As is true with many of PubWorks best advances, the Asset Data Collector was developed to solve a customer challenge. Cochise County, AZ manages 1,440 road miles, upon which are placed over 30,000 signs. As a requirement of self- insurance, the county needed a way to collect and maintain detailed data on the inspections of and work completed on these assets. Enter Michael Dibble, PubWorks’ Chief of Development.

What is it?

The Asset Data Collector (ADC) is a laptop-based program, able to collect the spatial data of assets from the safety and comfort of the vehicle.

How does it work?

As you drive a roadway, you stop at the asset you wish to inventory. The laptop will get a mile maker reading from you DMI and a latitude/longitude reading from your GPS antenna.The asset for which data collection is to be performed will either be automatically identified by the ADC (if is already is in the system) or it will have to be added by the user.

Once the asset is identified or added, the user simply keys in the attributes that describes the sign, culvert, cattle guard, guard rail, etc.

Then you click SAVE and drive to the next asset and repeat the process.

Is special hardware required?


  • Laptop – Windows XP or Windows 7 laptop computer with a dedicated serial port for DMI connection and a USB port for GPS antenna connection.
  • DMI – the Nu-Metrics© NS-60 DMI or JAMAR RAC Plus III are recommended.
  • GPS – the Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx is recommended

Is the level of detail predetermined?

No. The attribute you decide to collect on each different asset type is entirely up to you. Some customers collect a wide variety of asset attributes while collect just the basics.

Is extensive knowledge of MUTCD required?

No. The MUTCD designations are built into the ADC including their graphic representations. The capability also exists to add signs and assets that are completely unique in your jurisdiction.

I know we can attach pictures to an asset in PubWorks, can we do that with the ADC?

Yes, you can photograph each asset or use a generic picture of an asset (36” diameter metal culvert) to serve as a visual representation of the asset.

What kind of assets is it intended to collect? 

Any asset that exists on your street or road network - signs, culverts, guardrails, bridges, cattle guards, etc.

How long does it take to collect asset inventory?

It depends on the number of assets, the level of detail desired and the extent of your road network.

How does the information collected in the field get into our PubWorks database?

Once the laptop used for collection is plugged back into your network at the office, a single click will synchronize the data into PubWorks. It’s really that easy.


Over 20 days and 249 road miles in Reno County, Kansas, the following assets were collected for about $.81 per asset.

   216 Bridges
1,823 Signs
1,776 Entrances
1,048 Culverts
5,015 Total Assets

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