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pubworks mobile work order system

PubWorks Mobile

Equipping your crew with mobile tablets will allow them to record work as they go, and quickly respond to new work orders and service requests. This divide-and-conquer field-recording capability will increase your department’s efficiency and productivity.

PubWorks Mobile is designed to seamlessly interact, securely and in real-time, with the main PubWorks database which can be hosted on-site or in the cloud. This allows in-office updates to reach field crews automatically and instantly. Field crews will be able to act on the latest information and record their work allowing office staff to see their accomplishments, notes and photos in seconds.


Requests - The Requests app allows field workers to create, review and update Service Requests in the field. It saves your crews time and makes coordinating with the office easier and more efficient.

Work - The Work app allows workers to enter data about work performed for themselves or for their crews. Everything you can do in a PubWorks Crew Activity can be done with this app.

Assets - For your crews in the field, give them the power to see all details and history about the assets near them or anywhere in your entire jurisdiction.

Inventory - Capture and create new asset details in the field and in real time. Install a new sign? Capture all the attribute details using the Inventory app at the time and place of installation.

Inspect - This app is designed to work with any asset inspection process. Work with pre-defined templates and perform and record your inspections location.

Maps - Everyone loves maps when they are working on-location. Use this Maps app in-conjunction with your assets. Find your work and get directions to your next project in seconds.

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Supported Devices


  • Samsung (recommended)
  • Sony
  • HP
  • Lenovo
  • LG
  • Device must be 4.4 or later
  • Optimized for a 7 inch tablet.
  • iOS

  • Optimized for an iPad
  • Will run on iPhones
  • Device must be iOS 9 or later.