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Work Orders

PubWorks makes managing work order's easy and flexible. Proactive work management reduces the burden of demand maintenance. Shifting work to a planned, preventative maintenance program improves department efficiency and employee productivity.

The PubWorks Work Order Module provides a variety of easy-to-use tools to make scheduled inspection/maintenance/replacement easier to plan and execute.

PubWorks Work Order Module integrates with our Citizen Service Request module.
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  • Establish Work Plans and Preventative Maintenance Schedules
  • Manage All Scheduled Maintenance
  • Use To-Do-List to Alert You to What Must Be Accomplished and When
  • Monitor Costs and Progress
  • Automatically Perform Resource Tracking and Job Costing
  • Map Trends for Analysis, and Adjust Accordingly


Retro-reflectivity Compliance

PubWorks is your home run for retro-reflectivity compliance.  Meet MUTCD regulations with a protocol for inspection and replacement that keeps you abreast of action needed, and keeps your citizens safely on the road.  Combine the Asset Data Collector, the MapViewer, and the Work Order module as your complete solution for sign management.

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