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To help better manage your work flow and asset inventory, we’ve designed three integrated products that can make a real difference.

Service Requests
Are you in control of your Requests for Service and Works Orders? Helping you stay on top of the many different kinds of service requests and citizen complaints is a goal of the Service Requests module. Managing these requests (and the work and costs they generate) in an orderly, consistent and easy-to-use way will be a boon to your department's operation. Don’t forget to ask us about our Web and Email Enabled Remote Service Requests option.

Work Orders: Planning, Scheduling and Assignment
Creating maintenance plans for roads, bridges, signs (or any other class of asset in your charge) is now easy to do in PubWorks. These plans allow you to create work orders for your crews and they seamlessly integrate with our cost accounting and asset management core.

Fleet Maintenance
A comprehensive fleet maintenance management system complete with repair work orders, inventory management, fuel system integration, PM scheduling and much, much more. This seamlessly integrated product possesses the same high degree of user friendliness your users are already comfortable within the rest of PubWorks.

GIS MapViewer for GIS Integration
View your assets on a map; analyze trouble spots on a map, visualize costs and expenditures on a map all without being a GIS expert. PubWorks gives you a wide variety of mapping functions directly in PubWorks greatly simplifying the problem of mapping costs, assets, service requests and work orders.

GPS Asset Data Collector
Collect data about the signs, culverts, guardrails and other features that exist on your road/street network. The data collected deals with attributes, exact location, condition and action needed. Back in the office you can synch the field-collected data and generate work orders to address problems recorded in the field. This product has been designed for ultimate ease-of-use and seamless integration with the rest of PubWorks.

Asset Management and Cost Accounting Core
This is where it all began; a cost accounting system empowering customers to easily track work performed and allocate costs to roads and other assets. Over time, thanks to the input of our customers and prospects, the PubWorks core has grown to include a wide variety of features and capabilities.

Our other offerings round out the PubWorks product line which is unrivaled in terms of user-friendliness, comprehensiveness and affordability.

Please contact to discuss any of the products listed above.