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Creating an Asset Inventory

Establish a Well Organized Asset Inventory Using PubWorks

asset inventory

PubWorks will establish an asset inventory that is well-organized, natural and flexible. Our integrated software makes it easy to keep the inventory current, track the work you perform and run the reports you need. Additionally we seamlessly link your inventory with Work Orders, Service Requests, GIS and GPS.

Use the  GPS Data Collector to help establish your initial inventory.

  • Create Work Orders that help you keep on top of your maintenance work load.
  • Link Service Requests to asset to help identify trouble sport.
  • Integrate with GIS MapViewer to visually depict where things are and where events have occurred.
  • Create custom condition assessments and/or depreciation schedules to assets as you see fit
  • Use our comprehensive reporting system to easily run cost and condition reports.
  • Continue using the Asset Data Collector to update already existing asset and add new ones.

asset inventory

PubWorks Locations and Location Features give all the power and flexibility you need to construct a meaning and easy-to-use asset inventory.

Creating an Asset Inventory
- Develop a Comprehensive and Detailed List of all the assets (roads, street, bridges, culverts, signs, ……) in your charge.

Establish a Hierarchy - for example Districts, Roads, Bridges, Signs and Culverts. Now, start filling in the details and linking your asset data in ways that are both meaningful and natural to the way your agency goes about its business.
Add Value - You need to know what you have; its value, its current condition and its history.

Integration - Your asset inventory is central to your operation. Make use of it when it comes to work orders, service requests, GIS, job costing and GASB34. Without a careful, well-organized approach, your asset inventory may become impossible to manage.


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