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FEMA Reimbursements

FEMA reporting is tough. PubWorks does the hard work of managing your disaster recovery work, making the reporting easy, getting you a check sooner.  Let PubWorks do your number crunching and report making in the FEMA recovery process.

The Tracking

It all starts with a Project. Using  a project in PubWorks will bundle all work activities that went into your disaster recovery efforts. These work activity records will carry details on employee labor (regular and overtime), equipment used and materials consumed. They can also be used to capture the details of work performed by any and all contractors used.

The work activity data capture for the FEMA event is no different that the data capture that is done day-in and day out except that a project code (representing your recovery efforts) is added as a single data point.

The Reporting

Now, how do you get your reimbursement? Easy; use the  comprehensive cost detail report for the recovery project. Ask PubWorks to substitute FEMA rates and codes for the labor, equipment and materials consumed and you'll have a hard copy report that has all the details required for FEMA reimbursement.

Work activity tracking by project is a standard feature of the PubWorks Asset Management Core. You need not purchase a new module to get this functionality. Also, because you're already documenting work, bundling that work into a project for FEMA reporting takes very little added effort to gain an enormous benefit!