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Fleet Maintenance


For your Public Works fleet of vehicles and equipment you need a comprehensive set of tools to track repairs, parts inventory, PMs and fuel.


Our Fleet Maintenance module is not a stand-alone silo of data accessible from just on PC or by one user. It's integrated with all of your PubWorks products and access to it can be provided and controlled for a wide variety of users.

PubWorks also integrates with your fueling system and can import its transactions for better PM and fuel consumption management.

We're multi-department so you can perform a wide variety of functions and reports isolating individual departments for analysis and billing.

We can also integrate with your Outlook email system making it easier and faster to send service notifications to operators and owners of the vehicles you help maintain.


If it's tough to use, it won't get used. PubWorks Fleet Maintenance is simple, straight forward and flexible. It can be customized to meet the needs of beginner and expert alike keeping the time to enter critical repair and maintenance data at a bare minimum.