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Water / Wastewater

Last or at last…...Either way, it may be time.

Often the common progression of automating inventory and tracking of work when it comes to public works management begins with fleet, moves to street/road assets, pavement/road surface condition and finally water and waste water. All PubWorks customers have the capability to track, analyze and report upon their water distribution systems; it’s just a matter of getting started.


Proactive maintenance is much less costly than crisis response. An accurate accounting of water assets and their condition status makes it  possible to maximize life expectancy, but not exceed it.


Up to date and accurate information on inventory and cost of work performed is reliable data upon which decisions can be made.These reports can be shared with citizens, elected officials, suppliers, etc.


Historical data on work performed is easy to produce and analyze, substantiating budget requests and long term planning. Reporting is key.


Diligent documentation of inspections, hydrant flush maintenance and valve exercise history provide protection should a legal challenge arise.

To begin a proactive practice in water / waste water distribution management or for information on data conversion to load your inventory, contact today.