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July 2012 Newsletter

Welcome to The PubWorks Tracker, a quarterly newsletter providing information for PubWorks users and professionals interested in Public Works management.


Want to be Wicked Efficient?

Get one step closer by switching to SQL. PubWorks SQL Server has a number of distinct advantages. Learn more



Asset Search Tool: One of the most powerful asset management features in PubWorks is the “Asset Search” function found under System>Asset Search. This feature is now updated and available with PubWorks version 5.858 and later Learn more

Expanded Address Functionality
Particularly useful in a municipal setting, you can attach a specific address (right down to an apartment number,) to an asset. Learn more

Odometer Reset
Do you have a vehicle or piece of equipment whose odometer or hour meter has been reset back to zero? Learn more



Pavement: Not Just For Breakfast Anymore

PubWorks has greatly expanded its capacity for road surface quality assessments. PubWorks is fully compatible with PASER and the ATSM D6433 PCI ratings developed for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and even homegrown solutions (within reason.)

Learn more


Product Spotlight

Asset Data Collector FAQ's

As is true with many of PubWorks best advances, the Asset Data Collector was developed to solve a customer challenge. Learn more


Welcome New Customers

Cities and counties large and small, join the PubWorks family. Learn more


Where We’re Going... Where We’ve Been

Coming soon to a booth near you! In 2012, we’ll be coast to coast seeing customers and meeting prospects along the way. Learn more

The PubWorks Product Line-up is here, in one place, is a list of PubWorks products and services...

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